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WoW Player Reaches Level 90 Without Choosing A Faction

neutral warcraft doubleagent

In an achievement that is both brilliant and mind numbing, Warcraft player Doubleagent leveled his Pandaren elemental shaman without ever choosing a faction. That’s the brilliant part.

As for the mind numbing part, the only way to achieve that is to never leave the Pandaren starting area. Pandarens are the only race in WoW that start neutral, however, once they reach the end of the quest chain on The Wandering Isle, they have to choose a faction in order to leave.

Doubleagent never made that choice and, as such, never left. As you can imagine, he would quickly level past the point where killing anything gave him XP, which is when he turned to herbing. In WoW, herbalism gives XP every time you pick a flower. But it’s a minimal amount and you have to pick a whoooooole lot of herbs to reach level 90.

All told, Doubleagent logged 170 days of play time leveling his Pandaren and he’ll never get to leave The Wandering Isle if he wants to stay neutral. It looks as though that will be the case as he’s planning to stay right where he is when Warlords of Draenor drops so he can pick flowers till he levels to 100.

I’ll say one thing for the guy, he’s got that whole commitment thing down.

(via Kotaku)


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