Yes, There’s A Life-Size “Titanfall” Titan Roaming The World


This huge Titanfall Titan, code-named Betty, is currently making its way across Germany to promote the game’s release. It was created by the team at Daniel’s Wood Land including theme designer CJ Berg who says it’s made out of lots of foam along with a steel armature and a steel base. Speaking to Slashgear he notes:

“We use a large format 4 axis router and a large format cnc hotwire for the cutting. Our steel fabrication department welded up the armature and steel base for the piece. Once we had the pieces and steel ready, we assembled the foam over the steel creating the piece.”

It took the team about four weeks to construct the Titan which now stands two-stories tall. At the end, they even had Joel Emslie and some of the Respawn artists come in to give it a few finishing touches that make it look like it walked right out of the game.

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