Yes, Those Are Super Mario Levels On Top Of Animal Skulls

mario levels skulls 1

Is there an animal skull level of Super Mario Bros? After seeing this trippy art, I’m convinced there needs to be. Artist Tobias Wüstefeld had some animal skulls lying around and decided to sculpt itty bitty Goombas, Koopas, and more to make a level from Super Mario Bros on top of the skulls. It’s surrealistic and wacky, and I’d love to add these to one of my bookshelves.

If you’re near Berlin, you can see these as part of the 8 Bit Art Show in September.

See more of this otherworldly design after the break.

mario levels skulls 2

mario levels skulls 3

mario levels skulls 5

mario levels skulls 6

mario levels skulls 4

(Behance via OW)


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