You Can Play 2,400 Classic DOS Games Online Right Now


If you long for the days of classic DOS games like Leisure Suit Larry and Oregon Trail, then today is your lucky day because those games are back! You can play them all right now thanks to Internet Archive. The news was announced by Internet Archive’s Jason Scott who said in a blog post:

I really worked hard to have only fully-functioning programs up, or at least, programs that gave viable, useful feedback. Some of them will still fall over and die, and many of them might be weird to play in a browser window, and of course you can’t really save things off for later, and that will limit things too. But on the whole, you will experience some analogue of the MS-DOS program, in your browser, instantly.

As for the software library itself… many titles will stick around—some will go, or change, or be replaced. This is still brand new territory, and with the addition of the MS-DOS programs so far, this no-plugin in-browser experience is one of a kind in the world. I’m working just as hard as the V2 devs are to make everything work, and it wouldn’t be worth my time if I didn’t have people trying it out, commenting on it, and making use of it.

So please, let’s start 2015 right—in CGA and with a brand new way to use the Internet Archive.

Yes, let’s please start off 2015 right with this little bit of awesome that is sure to completely kill any notions you had of productivity in the new year. You can check out all the games right here.

(Washington Post via The Mary Sue)


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