Sleep With The Fishes (Well, Sharks, Actually) In This Airbnb Contest


Airbnb is a baffling thing. On one hand, it’s a convenient way to find something affordable and personal for your vacation, business trip, or long-haul journey (or if, like me, you just need somewhere to stay for Comic-Con because getting a hotel room in San Diego at any point in July is a nightmare). On the other hand, weird theme rooms like that Netflix and Chill room we featured a while back continue to pop up.

Rooms like this one, which is literally underwater in a tank surrounded by thirty-five goddamn sharks is a pretty good example.

The circular, 33-foot deep room is at the Aquarium de Paris, and in order to spend a night or two there you need to enter a competition over on Airbnb’s UK website (don’t worry, the contest is open to everyone worldwide, not just Brits). It involves writing a short essay that tells them “a little about yourself, where you live and why you belong with the sharks for a night” which must be submitted by midnight CET on April 3rd. The winner will get a one-night stay on the 11th, 12th or 13th of April. They’ll also be greeted by shark conservationist Fred Buyle, who’ll also dance with (and, we expect, subsequently be eaten by) the sharks.


There are, of course, a few house rules. No diving, no sleepwalking, no after-dark selfies lest you disturb the very much nocturnal sharks, and no livestreaming Jaws to your phone or tablet.

(In fact, the Jaws thing isn’t one of the rules, but it’s just good manners, isn’t it? I mean, you wouldn’t go into werewolf’s house and start watching Teen Wolf, would you? Oh, you would? …Yeah, me too. That actually sounds like a lot of fun.)

You’ll also need to be able to use a ladder, which rules me out, and the limit is two guests weighing no more than 419 pounds in total. There’s no private whiz palace either, so you’ll have to use the biologists’ bathroom at the aquarium (as noted by Business Insider).

You’ve still got a few days left, so check out all of the contest details here. The winners will be announced on April 9th.


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