This Giant Alien Xenomorph Storage Egg Is Motion-Activated

On the eve of the debut of Alien: Covenant, the time is right to let you know that a giant Alien Xenomorph Storage Egg exists, and that it is motion-activated for your convenience/delight. See it in action in the videos below.

With a simple wave of the hand the egg bursts into life with the aid of a motion activated IR function while emanating an (optional) eerie green glow from internal LED lighting.

The egg can also double up as a room lamp if you want to set the mood for a creepy night in front of the TV revisiting your favourite Alien movie!

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Okay, so it isn’t the most practical storage solution out there, but it might be the most fun. I can see setting it up in your TV room and packing it with some games, movies, etc. It first came to our attention through The Foundry in the UK, but if you live in the states it’s cheaper to get it directly from Unbox Industries. Either way, it won’t be cheap at $200+.


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