Comfort Swing Chair: Rocking To Your Heartbeat

Comfort Swing Chair

The Comfort Swing Chair by American Leather looks like it could be the most comfortable chair on the market. Besides being comfortable to sit in, the chairs rocking mechanism moves back and forth at the rate of the resting human heart. A gentle push or pull of the handle in the armrest sets the chair in motion for up to a minute and a half.

“The patented mechanism is literally a mechanical swing. The Comfort Swing travels in the exact same arc as would a swing suspended by a 12 foot rope. The chair swings 10″ forward and 10” backward and moves in an arc like motion exactly the same as a real swing. The 12′ long swing arm of the Comfort Swing was designed to provide a period of motion that matches the average human’s heart rate. This maximizes the therapeutic, relaxing sensation of the swinging effect.”

The Comfort Swing will set you back around $3000, but after taking a look at the chair in action, I can see how it might be worth the money.


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