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Create Your Own “Laputa Worlds” With Flower Pots


Fairy gardens have always been a fun way to use your broken flower pots and put your horticultural and crafting skills to work, but a Japanese website has given a fun new name to this gardening phenomenon.

The site has been aggregating pictures of people’s creations and dubbing them “Laputa worlds,” in honor of the floating island in the first Studio Ghibli film Laputa: Castle in the Sky. They also noted that Studio Ghibli’s roof boasts it’s own Laputa world with abundant greenery and multiple levels.

It’s interesting to see how giving this gardening trick a new name creates a fun air of mystery.

Head after the break to see some of their examples.

studio ghibli roof

The Studio Ghibli roof.

Rebecca Snyder

by Rebecca Snyder.

Sue Matyszak

by Sue Matyszak.


by Natureworks.

homed it

By Homedit.

Top image via Earth Porm.

(Karapaia via Rocket News 24)


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