Exterminate Wood In This Dalek Chiminea


Owen James of Maven Industries usually builds and restores custom motorcycles and cars, but James also has a love for all things Doctor Who.

As such, he created this steel Dalek chimenea. It’s cool looking just as a sculpture, but it’s even more beautiful and eerie when it’s fired up. See that in the images below.


Dalek chiminea finished! Now on eBay. We get to fire it up tonight. #drwho #dalek #doctorwho

A photo posted by Owen James (@maven_industries) on

Works a treat! #dalek #drwho #doctorwho

A photo posted by Owen James (@maven_industries) on

Almost finished the dalek wood burner, just the center of the body to finish tomorrow.

A photo posted by Owen James (@maven_industries) on



Additional images via Geek Art Gallery.

(via Geyser of Awesome)


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