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This Guy Built A 23-Foot Death Star On Top Of His House [Video]

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Colby Powell and his kids like Star Wars…a lot. So, in honor of the upcoming Star Wars film, the Powell family built a two-story Death Star as a Halloween decoration.

Like you do.

It features plenty of flashing lights and it was mounted on the roof of their home in Lafayette, CA. See it in action after the break…

The entire Powell clan built the sphere (which is about 23-feet in diameter) using 1/2″ electrical conduit and Sonostar hub couplers. The frame was built to accommodate two T-10 military surplus parachutes for the outer shell.

He tells Make:

“I work for a general contractor and we parked a 70 foot boom truck (crane) in the driveway to complete assembling the top hemispheres on the bottom hemisphere and hoist the Death Star onto the roof,” Powell details. “There was a lot of math involved to get the crane in proper position. Think about this — a 70 foot crane sounds enormous, but by the time you raise a 23? sphere 10 feet in the air, and then allow enough extra cable (approx. 22?) to ‘lay’ the hook down beside the sphere after it is hoisted so that it can be disconnected from up on top of the roof without climbing a ladder (now it’s 55? total), you’ve got to get this giant truck pretty darn close to the house to make it all work!”

The final product weighed about 400 pounds, featured 960 screw connections, 162 hubs, six 40-foot strands of white LED strip lights and 2000-feet of pipe. Powell plans on keeping the Death Star up until sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, after which he may end up storing it, selling it or sending it off to the wilds of Burning Man.

(via Makezine)


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