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Five Everyday Uses for a TARDIS [Featured]

Outdoor TARDIS Shoer

The internet is wonderful for many reasons – one being that people keep coming up with everyday uses for the TARDIS. The spaceship isn’t only meant for traveling through time and across the universe; it has practical uses too. It becomes rational to build a big blue box when you use it for an outdoor shower, a bookshelf, or turn it into a soda machine. You could even make it a mini library. I’ve seen a few amazing transformations, and I’d love to replicate any of these in my space.

How would you like to clean up after a long day inside the TARDIS? The outdoor shower pictured above was built by madwomanwithboxshower, and I think it’s genius.

Check out four more ideas after the break.

TARDIS bookshelf

Turning the TARDIS into a bookshelf or media storage space is a no brainer. You can have an attractive place to store your stuff, and you get to make endless “bigger on the inside” jokes. I’m not sure who this particular design belongs to, but it’s one of the best shelves I’ve seen.


Have you longed to give your chickens a fancier place to sleep and longed to build a blue box in your backyard? This chicken coop design by DaveNinja is the solution for all your desires.


Soda is better when it’s been riding around in space. Just ask Epic Comics in Orlando! One of my favorite parts about this soda machine is that they included pictures of the Doctors on the selection buttons.

TARDIS bathroom

You can’t beat a TARDIS for the best indoor bathroom design ever. This gem resides in the Waystation Bar in Brooklyn, and it is on my list to visit next time I’m in the area.


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