Prefab Homes For Hobbits


Eco-friendly builder Green Magic Homes has created a new pre-fabricated housing system that takes a little from science and a little from fantasy to create an eco-friendly Hobbit Hole for the masses.

These modular structures are comprised of prefabricated panels made with composite laminate materials that are then covered with reinforced soil and grass, sand, or even fruits and vegetables. They’re built to withstand the elements, are climate controlled, and can be built in only three days by three people with no special skills or equipment.

Plus, they really can look like Hobbit Holes.

Having seen them, I love the idea of people building a neighborhood using this technology. It would be interesting to see just how self-sustainable a little Hobbit village could become.

green magic homes

green magic homes 2

green magic homes 3

green magic homes 4

green magic homes 5

green magic homes 6

(via Bored Panda)


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