Holiday Fun Begins With These New Star Wars Snowflake Designs [DIY]

Making paper snowflakes was one of my favorite winter activities as a kid, but none of my creations were ever this cool. In fact, they were usually lopsided. Anthony Herrera seems to have paper snowflake patterns down to a science though, and he’s used his mad skills to create an entirely new set of Star Wars designs!

You have so many choices: Ackbar, Chewbacca, C-3PO, Bossk, X-wings, Luke, Yoda, TIE Fighter pilots, and on and on. All the patterns are downloadable and completely free. May the Force protect you from paper cuts!

See examples of available snowflake patterns after the break.

Click the link below for the patterns.

(Anthony Herrera Designs via Geek Dad)


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