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This Shared Housing In Japan Is For Anime Fans Only


Like anime? Looking for somewhere to live in Tokyo? Then look no further than the Ani x Share housing network. Bucking the trend of anime-viewing being a largely solo affair in Japan, the Kisuishou Rokucho and Hermitage Chitose Funabash boarding houses make being an anime fan a requirement for living there.

They also have shared bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces, though they have private bedrooms which, aside from the furniture, are largely undecorated—so you can decorate the place with your Full Metal Alchemist posters and signed Ouran Highschool Host Club memorabilia. The property encourages tenants to cook together and, of course, watch anime together. Apparently there’s quite a large library of anime on-site.

There isn’t anything like this here in the States (at least, not that we’re aware of) but allow your mind to imagine shared housing for gamers (kind of like this hotel). Every system under the TV, a fridge stocked with energy drinks, salty snacks and poor food choices, and it’d probably be within a two-minute walk of a Taco Bell. That’s either your idea of heaven, or a personal nightmare.

Check out more pics below:

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