How To Encase Your Friend In Carbonite

Carbonite bookshelf

When a friend turns to you and asks if you can freeze them in carbonite, the answer should always be yes. That’s how you know you have good friends – and talented ones! Instructables user thorssoli (Shawn Thorsson) didn’t have any Ugnaughts handy so he worked with his friend Jenny to cast her face and hands to put her likeness in place of Han Solo’s. Then it was a matter of laying out and building the carbonite box and attaching the body and sealing it in with resin. Finally, they added LED panels on the sides and painted everything. Voila! One frozen body ready for Boba Fett.

That’s all oversimplified, of course. Thorsson wrote up an extremely thorough how-to for Instructables and if you are the sort of person who likes seeing all the gory details of how things are made, you’ll love reading it. Even though I have no intention of making a person frozen in carbonite right now, I devoured the tutorial with fascination. Thorsson is one talented dude.

Check out some in progress photos after the break.

Carbonite bookshelf 2

Carbonite in progress

Carbonite side view

(via Tor)


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