This Star Wars Collector Built The Perfect Display For His First Run Kenner Figures

sw display

What do you do when you’re a hardcore Star Wars collector who’s gone to the trouble (and expense) of collecting the entire first run of the original 1977-85 Kenner Star Wars characters (including the Blue Snaggletooth, Yakface, Double-telescoping lightsaber Luke Skywalker, and the very rare Vinyl Caped Jawa)?

You get a custom display case made and put that bad boy up on the wall. Gorgeous.

The case is six feet wide and two feet tall, with UV protected glass and shelves that are framed by a dimmable backlit LED tube. All of the wires and tech that makes that happen are tucked behind it, so all you see is the glory of the collection.

See more pictures after the break.

sw display 2

sw display 3

Also, make sure to check out more details in the article by diehard SW fan Dave Gonzales. It’s too good (and nerdy) to miss.

(Schreinerei Luther via Nerdcore)


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