Internet-Ready Dad Makes Nerf Armory And Shooting Gallery For His Kids [Video]


Redditor and all-around awesome dad iezugod has revealed this awesome Nerf shooting gallery he made for his two boys for their birthdays. They’re obsessed with everything Nerf (and really who isn’t?), so with the help of an artistic friend, the design was drawn and blown up to mount (and paint) to a 4’x4′ sheet of plywood.

The project includes terrific alien targets that fall back on hinges once they’re hit. There’s even a sh*tty Charmander!

As if that wasn’t enough, super Dad also build a fully equipped Nerf armory complete with a custom built dart holder. I want to go to there and train for battle.

Check out the whole project and video of the targets in action after the break.

Nerf themed kids birthday presents

(via Reddit)


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