Netflix Debuts An Actual ‘Netflix And Chill’ Button [Video]

netflix switch

Y’know how Staples has their “Easy” button? Well, Netflix’s PR department has just unveiled “The Switch” (but everyone is calling it a “Netflix and Chill” button, naturally) during this year’s World Maker Faire. It’s a one-button option to a relaxing evening. One button that can dim your lights, switch your phone into “do not disturb” mode, order food, and queue up a show on Netflix.

No word on whether they can help you decide what you want to watch or eat, but I’m guessing you can add a randomizer for those times.

Want one? At this point you’ll have to make your own. Netflix has broken down everything you’ll need for the project.

Watch Netflix’s video presentation after the break.

Think you have a better idea for a Netflix related device? They’re also taking suggestions for their next project.

(via Pixable)


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