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Slingbox to Support UMPC’s

Talk about a technology that is just waiting to take off, and that is where the Slingbox is. DVR’s have already gotten a large number of people to understand the importance of time-shifting programs. Now the Slingbox offers the ability for place-shifting, controlling and watching your DVR from anywhere.

And while this is obviously a growing market, you take the Slingbox and let it stream to an Ultra Portable PC and this thing could really take off. One look at any of the Ultra Portable PC’s announced at CeBIT and the first thought is that they have a nice large portable screen. Throw in the ability to watch your programs remotely, and it has just quadrupled its market.

I hope all of this does take off like I envision it might. UMPC’s are going to be the wave of the future, whether the current generation is indicative of what will ultimately be popular or not. We have to start somewhere. And while the techies will check this out right away, enlarging the audience by making it more of a multimedia device can only help.

Posted by Jeff


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