This Star Wars Fangirl Has The Coolest, Pinkest Bedroom

We’ve seen a lot of Star Wars-themed bedroom designs over the years, but I really love what 10-year-old Emmie and her father Scott put together here. The colors pop like crazy and the homemade Death Star wall decoration and TIE desk really stand out.

Scott spoke with about how the room came together, noting that the bedding was the foundation of the color palette:

“She used that and made the color palette for the room. From there she and I both started looking for items that worked with those colors. She found the prints online and I worked with the artist to get them on canvas,” Scott explains. “The Death Star was her idea, and I just made it and thought it needed to be big and the LED lighting and laser beam would help with the cool factor for the room. Most of the rest of the items were picked out by Emmie.”

Scott also made the TIE desk out of particle board, styrofoam and PVC. A piece of steel pipe holds the wings together and a friend helped weld the steel frame that holds the glass top. If you ask me, the finished product looks even better than a similar, official version that Rooms To Go has in their Star Wars furniture collection.

When it comes to accessories, it seems that Emma and her father had a good time hunting for stuff on ThinkGeek. That Death Star wall decoration though—that’s truly one-of-a-kind. I would love to have something like that myself. Then again, I find that I’m often jealous of kids and the stuff they have in their awesomely nerdy bedrooms.

You can check out more details about the bedroom on


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