This $15 Million Mansion Has A Star Wars Hoth-Themed Bedroom


I don’t care how many bathrooms this place has, this is one of the best Star Wars themed bedrooms ever. Set in Hoth, this deluxe room comes complete with a snow speeder bed and a probe droid to watch over you while you sleep. Don’t even think about trying to record a message on your R2 unit… you rebel scum.

If you absolutely need to have this room in your life, the mansion is currently listed at $14.9 million. What a bargain right?

But that’s not all. See what other goodies the house has after the break…


Start your young scallywags off early in the ways sea life in this pirate ship room.


This dining hall would be perfect for your Game of Thrones dinner party.


And every mansion needs a game room, though this one needs a few more consoles in my opinion.


This lagoon is perfect for Peter Pan adventures.

Since this is most likely out of all our price ranges, let’s just makes friends with the next owner and have a super nerd sleep-over.

(via laist)


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