This 3D Printed Baymax Lamp Isn’t Quite Right

baymax light 1

Baymax doesn’t exactly fit into the armor Hiro makes for him in Big Hero 6. His belly sticks out, and 3D Marketplace 3Denovo saw Baymax’s stomach differently than most of us. They pictured the belly as a light bulb. So, they 3D printed the armored Baymax as a single piece and designed it so that the robot can fold in the middle, leaving room for the light bulb.

It’s a cute idea except for the part where the light bulb protrudes from Baymax’s back. That just makes it really, really weird.

More photos of the interesting lamp after the break.

baymax light 2

baymax light 3

baymax light 4

(3D Print via Technabob)


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