This R2-D2 Wood Burner Is The Droid Heater You’re Looking For [DIY]

r2-d2 burner 1

Incorporate the droids everyone is looking for into your backyard with a handy Instructable from doddieszoomer. He transformed an old, empty gas bottle into R2-D2.

Basically, he cut the bottle to modify it and added legs with “5mm box section.” The rest of the astromech’s pieces were welded on and eventually handpainted. And guess what? If you don’t have the Force powers or tools necessary to make your own, you can bid on this one on eBay.

Check out more photos of the burner after the break…

r2-d2 burner 2

r2-d2 burner 3

r2-d2 burner 4

Before the transformation:

r2-d2 burner 5

Read the full tutorial at Instructables.


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