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TiVo TCD540040 Series2 40-Hour Digital Video Recorder

TiVoWith what I still believe to be the best digital video recorder out there, you can now get a 40 hour TiVo for only $19.99 after rebate from While I think that they could do better than $12.95 a month for the TiVo service, it is still the best solution out there. The cable services have the advantage of bundling it with their other services to make a nice add on, but the ease of use is just not quite as good. Sad to say, but I currently do use the cable company’s solution. It was too hard to pass up the adding it on when I upgraded to digital in order to get HD channels. I don’t know if it is a failure on TiVo’s part to not have partenered with the cable companies, but at this point they should see what they can do to make it a winning combination for the cable companies by giving them volume discounts or something, just undercut out the competition. I would much prefer to use TiVo, but just don’t have the time to deal with it when there is an easier solution available.

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