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10 Dream Dorm Gadgets [Feature]

When I was in college, I worked part time to afford an apartment because the on campus dorms were expensive and generally terrible. Still, I regret missing out on that experience. If I could do it over again, maybe things would be different. Maybe I would’ve stayed in the dorms and saved up for some awesome gadgets and decor like the ones in featured this list.

Bacon alarm clock

Have to be up early at 1 PM for an exam? You can rely on the BAKON Alarm Clock. This DIY project requires an old baking oven, a timer, high temp car paint, a pig keychain from Party City, spare bottle caps, 10 gauge solid wire, some googly eyes, a screwdriver and a dremel tool. Once built, it will wake you up with the sizzling sound, delightful smell and delicious taste of bacon. Instructables via That’s Nerdalicious

Marshall guitar amp fridge

It may look like a Marshall guitar amp, but this is actually a 4.4 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer that you can fill with beer and pizza rolls.  It even features an homage to Spinal Tap in the form of knobs that actually go to 11. Most dorm parties will be going to 10, so that means you’ll be partying one harder. $300 – Marshall Fridge via That’s Nerdalicious

Brew Cave walk in beer cooler

So the guitar amp fridge was cool and all, but the dorm fridge of your dreams would undoubtedly be the Brew Cave walk in beer cooler. In addition to offering four inches of insulation, the cooler also boasts shelf space for up to 30 cases of beer, room for four kegs, and a built-in tap. Of course, I think this cooler has more square footage inside then the dorm rooms at my old college. $6349 – Kegworks via That’s Nerdalicious

Smart trashcan

While I doubt that many students these days will be using a typewriter to try and stretch two pages of text into the required five, this smart trashcan will still do a great job of catching your garbage on the fly. It uses Microsoft Kinect, a motorized wheelbase and a heck of a lot of coding to track your flying wads of paper and ensure you hit that three-pointer every time.

BRAD automated dorm

University of California at Berkeley freshman Derek Low spent three months creating what he calls “the most ridiculously automated dorm room in the school ever.” Dubbed “BRAD” (Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm), the system employs motion sensors to detect when someone enters or exits the room, and it has the ability to control the lights, window shades, and music via voice controls and mobile apps. An emergency red “party mode” button was also provided, which closes the shades, turns on dance music and replaces the overhead lights with flashing neon lighting and strobes. CubicleBot

Giant Legend of Zelda wall mural

The giant Legend of Zelda Wall mural is an opportunity to decorate your dorm room with something nerdy and elaborate but surprisingly inexpensive. It’s an 8′ x 3′ fabric map of the entire Zelda overworld that will only set you back around $40. Plus, when it’s laundry day, you can take it off the wall wear it like a toga. That’s what I call versatility. Etsy via Nerd Approved

Lightsaber chopsticks

You may be a freshman eating Ramen, but at least you’re doing it like a Padawan with these fancy light up lightsaber chopsticks. Indeed, the blades actually glow thanks to LEDs that can be activated with the push of a button. $17.99 – BigBadToyStore via That’s Nerdalicious

Podtime tubes

Privacy and sleep are two things that are hard to come by while living in a dorm. These Podtime beds could provide a solution to both of those problems. With a shell made of “practically indestructible” polycarbonate, Podtime tubes can be stacked on top of one another like bunk beds so they won’t take up much space. They can also be customized with entertainment systems, LED lighting, storage, and an alarm. $2158 and up – Firebox and Podtime

An electronic beer pong table

For many college students, a good beer pong table is a crucial piece of furniture. If you have the resources and the ambition, you could make something similar to the version featured in this video from Auburn University. While there doesn’t appear to be any details on the build, some engineering student has clearly put his new found skills to their ultimate use. Break

Iron Throne

Every dorm room needs a good chair, but if I had all the money in the world (as opposed to wondering how I would afford breakfast on the Dollar Menu) I would eschew more comfortable chairs in favor of this Game of Thrones Iron Throne replica. This official replica chair is no joke either. It stands at 7? tall and 5? wide and weighs 350lbs. It also costs a whopping $30,000. HBO via Nerd Approved

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