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10 Gifts For Nerds That Have Everything [Gift Guide]

Having trouble finding a unique gift for the nerd that has everything? You could take the easy way out and give them an iTunes gift card and call it a day, or you can get them something truly unique like electronic Star Wars shirts, life-sized boxing robots or socks with capes.

Bionic Bopper

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots just got real. Bionic Bopper Cars are gasoline engine-powered robots that people can actually climb into and beat each other mercilessly using a thumb-triggered button and two independent joysticks. A successful hit sends the opponent’s robotic head back, scoring a point that’s tallied on a front-mounted display. $17,000 – Hammacher Schlemmer via Nerd Approved

Socks with capes

Give the gift of caped socks and the wearer will be a superhero from the knees down. A word of warning though – calves may take on a life of their own and drag the wearer out in the middle of the night to fight crime. This is especially problematic with the Superman and Wonder Woman caped socks as you might take a terrifying feet-first flight into the sky against your will. $10 to $15 – 80s Tees via Fashionably Geek

Secret passageway switch

What nerd hasn’t dreamed of having his/her own secret passageway with a fancy book-operated switch? Unfortunately, that’s not in the budget for most people, but this secret passageway lamp switch might be. Basically, it’s an electrical switch that can be loaded and operated with your favorite hardcover book. If you happen to have a secret passageway concealed behind a bookshelf, it could be rigged to work with it – if not, a simple lamp will suffice. $50 – vespoe via Nerd Approved

High precision gaming dice

This set of 12 high precision gaming dice are crafted of premium grade materials and are touted as being second only to casino dice when it comes to accuracy (the reason why is explained in detail here). It’s the ultimate dice set for role playing games – though the user may want to paint in the numbers  and sand down the blemish from the production mold themselves. Still, it’s not often that the word “sexy” can be used to describe something used in Dungeons & Dragons. $29.99 – ThinkGeek

Green Machine Big Wheel motorcycle

You may remember the Huffy Green Machine from your youth, but this motorcycle version from Parker Brothers Choppers is definitely for grown ups. It features a 45-inch diameter front wheel and an air-cooled, 80″ cu. Harley-Davidson v-twin Evo engine that provides up to 60 horsepower and a top speed of 50 mph. Keep in mind that making someone’s childhood dreams come true isn’t cheap. It will cost you $75,000 to have the Green Machine in the driveway this holiday. Then again, you may want to hold out for Parker Brother’s all-electric TRON light cycle to go into production.  Hammacher Schlemmer via Nerd Approved

Death Star electronic shirt

Most of the nerds I know have a closet full of Star Wars shirts, but you can be fairly certain that the nerd you are buying gifts for this holiday doesn’t have something quite like this. With the push of a concealed button, they can activate the Death Star firing sequence complete with LED lights and firing sounds. It’s the only shirt in the galaxy that has the power to destroy other shirts. Available this December for $29.99 – ThinkGeek via Fashionably Geek

Star Trek pizza cutter

It looks like one of the “strange new worlds” that the Enterprise crew are exploring is the gooey Pizza Galaxy. They say that all those that dare to visit the Pizza Galaxy will never return…thin. Just look at Captain Kirk these days. But, if you are going make the trip, go boldly with this pizza cutter. $24.99 – ThinkGeek via That’s Nerdalicious

Crossbow snowball launcher

I always loved a good snowball fight – except the kids in my neighborhood growing up were deranged and usually put rocks inside the snowballs. So the strategy was to have as many kids on your side as possible so that you had an overwhelming amount of firepower. I only wish we had these crossbow snowball launchers back then. It can hold three snowballs at a time and launch them up to 60 feet. $39.99 Sharper Image via Nerd Approved

Wonder Woman mixer

If you know a woman that can work wonders with a recipe, this awesome Wonder Woman KitchenAid mixer would be a great gift. The only problem is that it’s only being sold in Brazil for some reason. I would love to see these come to the states in a whole DC comics line. I love cooking, and I can’t tell you how long I’ve dreamed of owning a mixer that looked like the Batmobile. Pricing not available – KitchenAid Brazil via That’s Nerdalicious

Custom furniture

If you can dream it up, Tom Spina Designs can turn it into an incredible piece of furniture. Take a look at this custom-made Han Solo in Carbonite desk created with metal and fiberglass. Fittingly enough, your average code monkey, blogger and gamer probably finds themselves looking more and more like Jabba every year from sitting behind a desk all day. Custom pricing – Tom  Spina Designs

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