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802.11n Standard Likely Not Finalized until 2008


Let’s see. Companies are coming out with products that adhere to the original 802.11n draft spec. They always knew that the spec would be changed, but I will bet that they did not expect that it will not be ratified until early 2008. They claim that the number of requested changes is so great that they will not finish going through them to have a new draft ready until early 2007, with the ratification being likely in early 2008.

It appears that there is no technical reason that the standard could not be in use today. Having used wireless for the past couple of years, I realize how nice and easy it makes mobility. Let them add more speed and I would find it even more useful. But an 18+ month wait for the standard to be finalized? It just seems ridiculous. By that time you may even have a new, faster standard that could be used. May be better to have a common standard to avoid the HD DVD/Blu Ray type of situation, but by pushing out the standard ratification for that long, you are still going to be in the position of looking to buy a product based on your needs that you know may be obsolete within a couple years, or stick with the same old thing you have today. Just another roadblock on the way to progress and innovation.


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