Animals vs. Machines: Epic Battles Caught On Video [Feature]

Whether it’s a seagull trying to swallow a camera or a Roomba terrorizing a gaggle of kittens, the bitter rivalry between animals and gadgets runs deep, as you will see in the videos below. Let’s hope it doesn’t go further than this. I’m not one to believe in crazy conspiracy theories, but if cats suddenly ordered all animals to stop doing cute things, the entire Internet could dry up.

Lizard vs. smartphone
In this video a bearded dragon lizard takes on the game Ant Smasher on an Android phone — racking up a decent score in the process. Of course, it was rewarded only with frustration and an empty stomach. But if you really want to hear a rant, ask it why his phone isn’t running Android 4.0. yet.  YouTube via Nerd Approved

Kittens vs. DJ equipment
These kittens grew up and now have a thriving career making dubstep music under the name DJ Fancy Feast and the Curious Kittens. YouTube via CubicleBot

Seagull vs. camera
As the story goes, a man by the name of Lukas Karasek wanted to get shots of a seagull with his tiny GoPro camera. So he put the camera down in front of the bird. At this point Mr. Seagull must have thought “Foolish human, I will steal this thing and eat it” — and that’s precisely what it tried to do. In the video you’ll see the camera fly majestically in the air only to be deposited on a castle rooftop in France. Unfortunately for the bird, the camera was slightly less consumable than French fries found in a parking lot. YouTube via CubicleBot

Cats vs. treadmill
Cats don’t understand treadmills, but they have an uncontrollable desire to furiously punch them. I completely understand how they feel. YouTube via CubicleBot

Beagle vs. leaf blower
This beagle is adorable as it tries to consume air from a leaf blower, but if you were to hear its thoughts, it would probably sound like a bunch of pops and fizzes. Still, the video kind of makes it look like the dog is rapping, doesn’t it? Highly amusing. YouTube via CubicleBot

Puffer fish vs. laser pointer
Poor puffer fish. He tries to chase the laser but all he gets is a mouthful of sand. Then again, maybe this puffer fish is wilier than we think. Turns out this was an assassination attempt that the fish successfully dodged. YouTube via CubicleBot

Kittens vs. Roomba
Which kitten will be able to ride this vacuum the longest? They all competed admirably, but only one emerged as champion of the Roomba Rodeo. YouTube

Dog vs. Dalek
Before dealing with humans, the Daleks must first exterminate all domestic animals. Unfortunately for us, this Boxer isn’t the best line of defense. YouTube via CubicleBot 

Ducks vs. escalator
All they wanted to do was get to Dillard’s on the top floor, which they read as “Mallard’s” because ducks suck at reading. YouTube

Cat vs. printer
PC Load Letter? WTF does that mean? Why does it say paper jam when there’s no paper jam? I swear, one of these days I’m going to use this thing as my litter box. YouTube

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