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AOL Hell

We all know how hard it can be to get rid of a subscription when we have started it in a promotional period. And we have heard the stories about trying to cancel AOL service being a nightmare. I know I did it once, and while it was not a nightmare, it was 45 minutes of my life wasted. That is nothing compared to what Vincent Ferrari went through when he tried to cancel.

Poor guy spent 15 minutes waiting to get someone, then the rep would not even consider his request to cancel the acount, trying to convince him he used the account enough to keep it. Last straw was when the rep asked to speak to the 30 year old man’s father. I know AOL is losing customers by the boatload, but this is no way to treat anyone. Bullying tactics will get you nothing but a bad reputation. Word is that they fired the poor rep, but I would bet if Vincent hung up, AOL would have upped the rep’s bonus just a bit more for delaying the cancellation. They can try to blame it on one rep, but the reality seems more likely to be that he was doing exactly as he was instructed, even better than they hoped, likely. Problem is, even though this has come out and AOL is under a spotlight, any other company doing the same thing is not going to change one bit. I am not even convinced this will change AOL.


Posted by Jeff


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