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AOL/Yahoo To Trial Charging for E-Mail

AOL and Yahoo are experimenting with charging large bulk e-mailing customers a fee based service that will allow their e-mails to be delivered without being caught up in spam filters. They claim that this will allow customers to insure that important e-mails are guaranteed to be delivered promptly while protecting their users from spam and phishing scams. They are partnering with the Goodmail company to provide this service within the next year after some trials.

They are quick to point out that this will not be a way for spammers to get around the filters. They claim that they will run background checks on the senders and only allow businesses to send to existing customers who have authorized the company to do so. Not so sure exactly how they plan to do that. In addition, what one person considers acceptabel e-mail can be spam to another. Other than the Yahoo and AOL possibly making large sums of cash off this, I am not sure it is the boon to their users that these companies claim it will be.

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