Artist Creates “Transparency Grenade” To Wage War On Corporate Secrecy

Armed with a desire to deprive corporations of secrecy, artist Julian Oliver created this “transparency grenade” which is equipped with a computer, microphone and powerful wireless antenna. When the pin is pulled, the device captures network traffic and audio in a location and anonymously streams it to an external server that mines it for information — including e-mail excerpts, web pages, images and voice, before uploading the data to a public website along with a map position.

“The volatility of information in networked, digital contexts itself frames a precedent for clamoring (and often unrealistic) attempts to contain it. One could even say it’s this desperate fear of the leak that produces images like my grenade, images that will continue to take violent forms in popular culture, journalism and presidential speeches in time.”

Oliver is also working on providing the same functionality to a rooted Android phone, stating that users will be able to “send the data over an encrypted channel via their GSM provider to a publicly available map, displaying the detonation as data from that site”.

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(via Wired)


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