AshPoopie Cremates Dog Waste

In an effort to reduce the number of sh*t-filled plastic bags in trash cans, scientist Oded Shoseyov created this portable AshPoopie pooper scooper that reduces your dog’s leavings to a sterile, odorless ash. The actual operation of the device seems to be shrouded in secrecy, but apparently after the poop is scooped, it’s combined with the contents of a replaceable cartridge and what looks like a set of rotating paddles. After some mysterious magic, the ash is created.

The company behind the product hopes to unveil the AshPoopie at the GlobalPet Expo in Orlando, Fla., in February, 2012 before expanding the technology to deal with litter boxes and even human waste.

As great as all this is, we still need a product that will actually encourage people to clean their dog’s turds off the sidewalk. I’d call it “Shoesaver”.

Product Page: (via CNET)


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