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Banned Yahoo! Mail Handles

Yahoo! HQApparently,Yahoo! is banning the use of names like Allah, Yahoo , and Osama – even if they are contained within another name – like Callahan.

On the other hand, it is perfectly acceptable to use names like “God, Messiah, Jesus, Jehovah, Buddah, Satan and both Priest and Pedophile.”

One Ed Callahan responded thusly: “On one level this is just silliness. But we have a war on terrorism and it’s migrating to be a war on Muslims – this just shows the confusion there is between the two and how pervasive this is.”

Yahoo! claims that the problems may be due to a glitch – but I seriously doubt it.

Source: The Register

Update: Yahoo! has decided to reverse it’s decision to ban “Allah” from use in e-mail handles claiming that “We recently re-evaluated the term ‘Allah’ and users can now register for IDs with this word because it is no longer a significant target for abuse.”

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