Barbot Slot Machine Pays In Cocktails

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If you love cocktails and gambling, this Barbot Slot Machine is right up your alley. The device was created over a 21 day period by NYC Resistor, and took part in last year’s Hackerspace Challenge sponsored by VIMBY and Scion. Instead of rewarding players with money, Barbot offers precisely crafted cocktails, complete with a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas theme:

The computer receives the result and sends ingredients and proportions for the winning drink to a microcontroller, which directs the bar unit, where pressurized containers store alcohol and mixers. The microcontroller uses solenoid valves to flow the ingredients in timed increments through a group of nozzles. An LED screen displays what’s just been served, along with witty lines inspired by Fear and Loathing.

Check out the build time lapse on That’s Nerdalicious


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