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Behind the Scenes at Quantum Mechanix: And A Sneak Peek Of What’s To Come

If you aren’t familiar with Quantum Mechanix, they make some of the best replicas and collectibles out there for nerd-friendly franchises like Firefly, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13 and more. Think Farnsworth replicas, Battlestar Galactica Top Gun steins, Redshirt vs Browncoat t-shirts and Fruity Oat Bar Girl bobbleheads.

And, let me just say this stuff is high quality—even the bobbles. The Fruity Oat Bar Girl bobbles are gorgeous—from the artwork on the outside packaging to the text on the base, everything’s fully steeped in the ‘Verse we all know and love.

That having been said, we were honored to get the invite to see the inner sanctum for ourselves. I mean, no one wants to read a post filled with “omgomgomgomgomg”. But that was me, most of my time there. Geek Girl eyes alight and nerd squees at the ready.

So let’s break down what I saw and all of the exclusive new stuff that I learned.

Things I saw/got to look at/got to hold/almost ran out the door with:

  • New replicas of Mal’s pistols. I actually don’t even know when or if they’re making them (UPDATE: They are!). I’m not gonna lie. I was too busy trying to figure out how to get them out of there. But they’re dang heavy! (I heard a rumor that the pistols these are based on pantsed Nathan Fillion from the sheer weight. Heh.)
  • They’re making a Tesla from Warehouse 13 (for you replica fans, that ain’t no store-bought tube on the Tesla. That’s all hand crafted, wire and all). I got to hold it. I didn’t get to see the Farnsworth but maybe next time.
  • I rather love that the BSG plaque that hung over CIC now hangs out in the office.
  • Starbuck’s/Kat’s Top Gun mug. I held it. I raised it. I almost ran away with it.
  • The model for the Bad Robot maquette QMx is working on for the J.J Abram’s fans. Modular and complete with changeable arms.

  • I held Starback’s pistol (No pic. I was too busy shaking of the awesome)
  • I got to see the Little Damn Heroes River Tam Maquette and the LDH Wash. Here’s all I’m going to say. You’re going to want them. (If you’re not on the QMx mailing list, I should mention that you’re going to want to pre-order it on November 15th at 1pm PST because you get an extra goodie when you do.) My two fave things about the LDH maquettes? River’s eyes and the dinosaurs come out of Wash’s hands so you can play with them.

  • What’s next for Quantum Mechanix?

  • QMx just launched a cinema arts division. The bios of the staff read like a who’s who of Hollywood geeks, so everyone’s really looking forward to what’s on the horizon for that department.
  • They’ll be debuting comic books in 2011. I hear they’re starting with 3, but if the art and quality as are good as I think they’ll be, I have a feeling we’ll see a lot more.
  • The most exciting development, in my opinion, is their plan to do a QMx Actuals line. While most items are “replicas” of an actual prop piece, QMx Actuals will be props and replicas both because the item used on the show will be made in the same production run as the item you’ll be able to buy. In other words, it’s not a replica, it’s an actual item just like the one you see in action on your favorite shows.
  • I saw pictures of the Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdrivers. They’re insanely gorgeous.
  • Yes, Claudia’s Farnsworth is in the works.
  • I asked about the possibility of an LDH version of Serenity herself, the answer?

    Already in the works—8 inches and not cartoonized. It’ll be a faithful replica of the FF version of the ship.

    Oh, and we’re working on a third Serenity replica. This one will be ~12″ and will include a removable roof so you can see tiny versions on the sets inside. Both are scheduled for 2011.

    Speaking of Serenity, the following bumper stickers were “coming soon” when I visited, but should be available to order by the time you read this. Honestly, I don’t know what category they fit into. I just know I saw them and I want them and so will you.

    Serenity in Flight Bumper Sticker($6)

    Engineered by Firefly Bumper Sticker ($5)

    Here’s the amazing part — that’s not even everything! I have more information that I can’t even talk about right now. I would, but I ended up finding out so much stuff that I had to sign an NDA — and, while I wouldn’t cost me my first born child if I told, it might cost me my future of prop replica buying, so I’m keeping my mouth shut even if I do wanna pop!


    Amazing, amazing day.

    And through it all, CEO Andy Gore and the other QMx folks just went about their day. No one looked at me funny. In fact they seemed to take my excitement as normal and Andy even kept showing me things (I think he was trying to make my head explode).

    Because he’s just another geek, really. That’s what I discovered. Quantum Mechanix was created because one man wanted to make the kinds of replicas he wanted to buy. They have a deep commitment to quality and a very strict “no geek left behind” policy.

    I was already a fan and I’ve bought from them before. But now I understand why I like their product so much and I’m more aware that I’m not just spending my money, I’m helping make the world a better place for geeks.

    According to Andy, “At QMx our mission, first and foremost, is to delight geeks all around the world.”

    Dear Andy, maybe you didn’t manage the world, but if it comes down to delighting one Geek Girl from the Valley, mission frakkin’ accomplished.

    Delighted Geek Girl Diva


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