Biomechanical Terminator Mic Stand Makes Even Karaoke Look Cool

If you are Adam Gontier, lead singer of Three Days Grace, you have enough disposable income lying around that you can afford to commission a Biomechanical Terminator-esque mic stand from artist Chris Conte. Which is too bad, because something like this would make the average Joe look like a badass even if he were pass out drunk singing Achy Breaky Heart in some dive bar.

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Hell, it would probably help your garage band skyrocket to stardom. People would be all like “I don’t remember the music, but that mic stand was f*ckin’ incredible. I should buy their album.”

Conte made three of the mike stands (Gontier bought a backup for the road). The mike stands are constructed primarily of stainless steel. One part of the quick-release mechanism is made of brass.

“The arm you see in the photos is actually a casting in stainless steel of the master using the lost-wax process,” Conte said. “Eleven separate silicone molds were taken from the master to create the wax models needed for the casting process.” The project took about three months, and Gontier used the stand onstage for the first time Feb. 19 at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.



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