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Blu Ray vs HD DVD: No Winner In the End?

News Factor Network has a look at the high definition format war that is HD DVD vs. Blu Ray. There are some that believe that Blu Ray has already won based on the companies it has backing it, but I think the answer lies more along the lines of what The Screen Digest researchers found, and that is that there will not be a clear winner, and in fact the competing formats will slow adoption and confuse consumers.

I am not going to beat a dead horse on my opinion that their inability to form a common standard will harm both companies, but I think everyone is just disgusted with the whole thing. A high definition disc is what we need for all those new sets that are now in circulation, and what we didn’t need was for there to be this confusion over what to buy. I know I personally will buy neither because I don’t want to end up with the BetaMax of high definition. The costs are far too high to take a guess. In the end, this hurts not only the companies that are pushing the competing standards, but all of us consumers as well.


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