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Build Your Own Laptop In 5 Steps

Barebone Notebook

My friends and I often have arguments discussions about the pros and cons of a PC vs. a Mac, and although I am definitely a Mac fan, I have to concede that having the ability to build a computer from scratch that will run OSX would be a welcome option. For high end users like myself, configurability is always preferable – which means that Mac users and Laptop owners that share my enthusiasm for custom computing are pretty much SOL. Fortunately, for laptop owners at least, things are rapidly changing.

Laptops have grown in popularity over the last few years, however die hard hardware enthusiasts are more often than not dissapointed with what you actually get. Prices have come down to a very acceptable level, but components like the processor, amount and type of memory and the hard disk are usually below par. With a desktop PC you can usually change some of these components, but only until recently this was not possible when buying a laptop.

For those who are interested in customizing their own laptop, Hardware.Info has put together a five step guide to getting the job done – everything from purchasing a barebones unit to installing components. Definitely worth a look for hardcore users that don’t mind spending a little extra cash to get exactly what they want in a computer.


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