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CableVision to Test Remote Hosted DVR

CableVision’s plan is simple: offer consumers the DVR service that they have gotten used to, but CableVison will host it rather than require every user to have their own DVR equipment. There are advantages for both te consumer and the company. The consumer will be able to get upgraded to support new srevices like HD just by having CableVision upgrade their gear, possibly get a lower ost service and if there were ever a local cable service or power problem, everything would still get recorded by CableVIsion. Cablevision’s advantages are that they can save money on providing every customer dedicated hardware and save them selves money on supporting all that hardware in the field as well.

The negatives may outweigh the positives, however. Firstly, sending all the data for every recorded show will take up huge amounts of bandwidth, especially with their plan to offer each user 80 hours worth of storage. I know how obnoxious it is when my Video On Demand has glitches sending data, and I see this making it ten times worse. The second is that the networks and their advertisers will not like this and may take some sort of actions that would ruin the experience, like build in some means of disallowing the skipping of commercials. If that were to ever happen, the DVR service would lose all appeal. Unfortunately, even if that is not included in their initial rollout, it would be very easy for them to change the terms of serivce with all the hardware at their location.

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