Chevy Has Designed A Truck That’s Equipped For The Apocalypse

chevy black ops truck 1

The end of days is a hot topic right now. You’ve got TV series like The Walking Dead, Revolution and Falling Skies, and games like Last of Us. Be it from zombies, aliens, or a virus – everyone seems to think the world is going to crash and burn. If the apocalypse comes, a well-equipped and sturdy vehicle could save your life. Luckily, Chevrolet’s Silverado Black Ops concept fits the bill.

Chevy unveiled the concept recently at the State Fair of Texas. It has body armor for goodness’ sake. Besides that key advantage, it has raised suspension and the bed comes packed with a tough storage unit that includes a solar power pack, gas masks, gloves, a military issue First Aid kit, a folding shovel, and rope. Whew. Oh yeah, and there’s room above the storage unit for a generator, fuel, food, and water. It’s an apocalypse survival kit on wheels. I bet it could roll right over the undead.

The formidable truck is just a design for now, but hopefully it gets to production before it’s too late.

See close-ups of the bed of the truck after the break (gotta have Twinkies and Ramen!).

chevy black ops truck 3

chevy black ops truck 2

(Motor Authority via Geekologie)


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