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ChiliBed Temperature Controlled Mattress Takes “Toasty” To Extremes

Yeah, you can control the temperature of waterbeds too—but the ’70s were a long time ago my friends. Surprisingly, it took this long for someone to develop a practical mattress with temperature control. If you are into the cool side of the pillow, that’s no problem since the mattress has a low temp of 48 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are perpetually chilly at night, crank that thing up to a max of 118 degrees.

“So sad about Bill—burning up in bed like that.”

“What happened? Did he fall asleep with a cigarette?”

“No, he had a ChiliBed. Cooked him up like a turkey in an oven.”

Yeah, the max temperatures on both ends of the spectrum seem a bit extreme, but it’s better than a heating pad, and two people in the bed can independently control their settings. Plus, the surface is similar to memory foam. Of course, the heating element of the bed consists of water flowing through coils—so it’s technically still a waterbed. Except it’s not, because that would be lame.

Product Page ($400 to $700 via Gizmodo)


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