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Could I Love Parallels Any More? Hell Yes!

IE In Coherence Mode

I have spent the last couple of days diving into the latest beta update of my beloved Parallels virtualization software for Mac OSX, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed.

Right off the bat the VM performance seemed to be faster, Windows picked up on my external hard drive (result of new USB 2.0 support), Windows auto adjusted my screen resolution, the new “drag and drop functionality” worked like a charm, and the updated UI was a definite improvement.

All of that aside, the major feature with the upcoming version of Parallels is the “Coherence Mode” – and if you are a longtime Mac user it will creep you out to no end. Basically the Coherence mode will allow users to run Windows applications as if they were built into OSX. As you can see in the picture above, the Windows taskbar runs across the bottom of the screen, I have Internet Explorer open, and the IE icon is displayed in the OSX dock. When you are in Coherence mode you get the feeling that you are using some sort of OSX / Windows hybrid – and the illusion is nearly seamless.

Honestly, when Parallels rolls out Direct3D support, this will be the be-all-and-end-all of computer software. And word on the street is that this development is not far off.

Click through the break for more Parallels Beta 3 screenshots. Click here to download.

Centralized VM catalog:

Windows Start Menu In Coherence Mode:

Windows Version of Photoshop Running In Coherence Mode:


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