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Dangerous Gadgets and Toys

Laser Pointer

Because we care, Nerd Approved is offering a short list of dangerous yet strangely enticing gadgets and toys for your safety…and enjoyment.

So, do not purchase, use, or think about the following products:

United Nuclear Magnets: Apparently, these magnets are so ridiculously strong that they could easily break your arm should they come anywhere near one another.

USB Pocket Knife: For the MacGyver geek in all of us.

Wicked Strong Laser Pointer: It can light a match from 10 feet away.

iPod Earbuds: Who would have thought cramming those things into your ear might be harmful to your hearing?

Cellphones: The jury may still be out on whether cell phones cause brain damage, but the Mythbusters revealed that using a cell phone while driving impares your judgement as much as driving while drunk. And that’s good enough for me.

Mickey Mornin’ Toaster: A kids toaster that burns Mickey’s image into toast. Apparently it’s a burn hazard. Go figure.

There is also the complete list of the most dangerous kids toys from 2005 available here. Needless to say, there are some real gems in there – including a water bomb fun kit, anti-gravity boots, and a Lord of the Rings Crossbow set.

You’ve been warned.

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