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Defense Department’s Heat Beam

Heat BeamThe Department of Defense recently showed off their newest $60 million project entitled the Active Denial System. I will just call it a heat beam, since it heats your skin up to 130 degrees making you feel like you are facing a blast furnace. The sensation goes away as soon as you manage to get yourself out of the beam. The antenna has an effective range of 500 yards and can be mounted on numerous vehicles.

What I don’t get is that the beam is really only useful against civilians. I wouldn’t want to be the operator of this non-lethal device when the targets are shooting back at you with bullets.

Another thing I wonder about is how they found the 10,000 volunteers that they say this has been tested on. I am not a total wuss, but I don’t really want my skin to feel superheated. Maybe if well compensated.



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