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Dell Purchasing Alienware?

Cnet is reporting an unconfirmed rumor that Dell has purchased Alienware. Alienware, while not speciically denying the report, would not confirm it either essentially issuing a wordy “No Comment”.

As noted in the article, this would give Dell an easy entry into the AMD systems market. With Dell’s size and cash, not sure why they couldn’t come up with an AMD product of their own. It would not be that difficult for them.

Newsweek had an article on Alienware just yesterday. They point to Alienware’s top notch tech support as one of the drivers of its business. Dell used to get high marks on customer service too, but their customer support outsourcing killed that. Will they do the same with Alienware? I would bet they will, but let’s hope not. And for those hoping that Dell will sell the same quality at lower prices? I wouldn’t bank on that either. If Dell is going to lower prices, I would expect it to come with a corresponding decrease in quality or performance.

Posted by Jeff


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