DIY Tesla Gun Spews 20,000 Volts Of Electricity

After reading the graphic novel The Five Fists of Science, which pits Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain against Thomas Edison and Guglielmo Marconi, Rob Flickenger was inspired to create a functional Tesla gun similar to the example used in the novel. The result is a cast aluminum NERF gun equipped with a spark gap Tesla coil and powered by an 18 volt drill battery.

The housing for the primary coil and high voltage switch is made out of porcelain, and was 3D printed–it’s a pretty custom switch after all. All the power supply is housed in silicone.

The gun is capable of firing over 20k volts of electricity, which is just as deadly as it sounds. That means that any copycat projects must have a properly designed case to prevent electrical current from grounding itself through the user’s body—though it’s best to never attempt anything like this ever.

Check out a photo of the gun in action after the jump.

Although there’s no video demonstration yet, Rob states that one will eventually be posted on his blog. Additional pics can be found on Rob’s Flickr page.

(Hacker Friendly via MAKE via PCWorld)


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