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FireFox P2P Extension

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It is widely being reported that AllPeers is going to release an extension to FireFox’s browser that will allow it to act as a peer to peer media sharing application. You can see screenshots of what the application looks like at AllPeers website here. AllPeers claims it is “a free extension which combines the strength of Firefox and the efficiency of BitTorrent to transform your favorite browser into a media sharing powerhouse”. Some are worried this is just vaporware since there is nothing actually released yet, but I don’t really see an upside to doing that. Also, it isn’t something that would seem all that hard to create.

While associating itself with the with the often maligned “peer-to-peer” phrase does hold some risk, it could be a boon to FireFox. Not only the actual users, but the free press they are getting by just having the news of this released. This is certainly something that Microsoft would not even begin to support, so FireFox could win a lot of new users with this application. I hope they do, and I do believe the adage that competition drives innovation. With a larger user base, I see big things for FireFox in the future if they can keep coming up with nice additions, while allowing others to write extensions to further increase its functionality. Word is that it will be available “soon”.

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