Gadgets That Save You From Yourself [Feature]

Are you you’re own worst enemy? If so, the following gadgets might be able to help you overcome some relatively minor shortcomings. That is to say, if you’re reading this while wearing a fake mustache while frantically trying to make your way to the border,  sorry – but you’ve probably got bigger problems to tackle.

Ben & Jerry’s Pint Lock

While technically designed to prevent others from stealing your ice cream, the Ben & Jerry’s pint lock or “Euphori-Lock” can serve as a dietary deterrent as well. You probably won’t remember the combination, and that means trying to find where you wrote it down. Then you have to enter in the combination itself. Way too many steps – though I might not be above cracking the pint open like a coconut and going in face first like a starving castaway.  $6.64 – Ben&Jerry’s via That’s Nerdalicious

Beer Tracker Bottle Opener

Every time you open a beer, the Beer Tracker Bottle opener Will record it digitally. Hopefully, the reality of how many beers you’ve had will prevent awkward moments like waking up to find that you have 50 Facebook messages with comments like “The video we made of you last night is blowing up YouTube!” $10 – FredFlare

A Bed That Makes Itself

We aren’t at a point where machines can completely overcome your tendency to make a mess, but a bed that can make itself is a good place to start. The OHEA Smart Bed can do just that in 50 seconds using a system of mechanical arms, cords and rollers. Granted, you’ll have to be a pretty calm sleeper in order for it to work as it won’t be able to handle a tangle of sheets tossed about in the night. If that sounds doable, the OHEA Smart Bed is expected to go on sale soon. – OHEA

iPhone Tank Case

If you’re the kind of person that can’t make it through a year without dropping and damaging you’re iPhone, you might want to consider a rugged case. The Tank Case from Case-Mate offers Military-grade protection thanks to a Polycarbonate hard shell with silicone cushioned interior and a retractable screen shield. Sure, you might have trouble fitting in your pants pockets (or, possibly, your car), but it’s worth it for the peace of mind right? $60 – Case-Mate

Toxic Waste Cookie Jar

Whenever the lid is opened on the Toxic Waste Cookie Jar it will alert others to your unsanctioned snacking with flashing lights and an alarm sound. Using the excuse “I only did it because the horrible cookies you made are toxic and I thought they would give me superpowers” won’t help. $14.99 – Perpetual Kid via That’s Nerdalicious

The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Well, that won’t be a problem with the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock. It has a maximum volume of 113 decibels (a jackhammer is around 100). If that isn’t enough, it also includes a bed shaker that you can slip under your mattress. If your heart can survive the shock, you’ll always be on time. $49.99 – ThinkGeek


If anything, the HeadsUp sensor system proves that there a very good chance that a product exists to help you overcome just about every minor shortcoming. We’ve all seen garage sensor gadgets that alert you when you are about to smash into the wall, but the HeadsUP system is designed specifically to protect the expensive stuff you strap to the roof of your car. For example, if you like to go biking, you could attach a couple of waterproof sensors to the bikes, and when you return home the sensors will trigger an in-car alarm and LED sign inside the garage. In other words, it prevents you from entering the garage and smashing up your expensive gear. It’s an absolute must for forgetful, outdoorsy types that have trouble with spatial relationships. $169.99 – HeadsUp

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