Gentle Giant’s New Captain America Shield Statue And Rebel Seal Bookends


Gentle Giant Ltd. announced their new items and we saw a couple we knew we wanted to share right away.

The first item is the Rebel Seal Bookends, which are a companion piece to the Imperial Seal Bookends.

They also announced a Captain America Shield Bookend which is made to partner with the Thor’s Hammer Bookend that we wrote about a few months back as part of their series of Marvel Bookends.

In all, they announced ten new items from licenses like Star Wars, The Walking Dead and the newly acquired 300: Rise Of The Empire.

Check out the Captain America shield bookend after the break…


Product Pages: Captain America Shield Bookend ($99) Rebel Seal Bookends ($70)

You can see all of the new item announcements at the Gentle Giant website.


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