German Robot Arm Brings Us One Step Closer To Terminators [Video]

The way engineers are developing robots, you would think that they were more inspired by Terminator than they were frightened by it.

The latest development comes from Germany where they have taken the first step towards the indestructible robot of our nightmares. Apparently, the arm can be smashed around with as much as 66Gs of impact without sustaining damage. Up until now, robot appendages like this have always been rather delicate—which doesn’t bode well for the possibility of reliable service robots.

Interestingly, this arm also has the ability to snap its fingers, creating some sort of West Side Story robot gang scenario where we are rhythmically slaughtered by Terminators with a penchant for dancing and colorful shirts. Just don’t make them bulletproof ok? It’s just common sense.

(DLR via IEEE Spectrum )


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